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The Rise of Record Store Day

There’s an internationally recognized event that has flown under the radar of many Chemeketa students:  Record Store Day. Record Store Day is a celebration of independently owned record stores. It takes place on one Saturday every April and can appeal to anyone who appreciates music.

Guns at Chemeketa?

Your fellow students or staff members may be armed. Under state and federal law, students on Oregon’s public college and university campuses, including community colleges, are allowed to carry concealed handguns if they possess a valid license to do so. After hearing the 2011 case

The unwavering positivity of Earlene Hickman

Walking the halls of Chemeketa, you’ve likely seen a woman pushing a cart of boxes, offering a smile and a warm, boisterous greeting to anyone who looks her way. That woman is Earlene Hickman, the Lead Mail Clerk here at Chemeketa. On her route she

Gallery explores the center of the universe

 (Click the arrows on the left and right sides of the photos to change slides in the gallery.) By Abi Lesmeister. Photos by Saul Rodriguez. The word Chemeketa means a place of gathering. For thousands of years, Celilo Falls was a place of gathering for

Campus library services help students succeed

By Samantha Guadagno A good campus library can make or break a student’s college experience. But figuring out how to use the myriad of resources available in the library can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Chemeketa’s librarians are there to help. “You think you have to know

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How the electoral college works

By Matthew Skog Voting is the foundation upon which democracy is built. In light of the recent presidential election, many in the Chemeketa community have been left wondering how exactly the electoral process works for our nation’s highest office. Contrary to popular belief, presidents are

Will Chemeketa survive “the Big One”?

By Michael Eubanks Oregonians may witness a devastating earthquake in their own backyards within the next 50 years. The “Cascadia Earthquake” as it’s commonly referred to as, could potentially hit the Pacific Northwest within our lifetime. The size of the earthquake is expected to be