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Expert advice on preparing for final exams

By Matthew Skog For many students, preparing for finals can feel overwhelming. To help students better prepare for their final exams, Karie Beavert, a Chemeketa reading and study skills instructor, offers a myriad of tips and tricks to help students fight their anxiety and improve

Honor society provides valuable experience and scholarships

By Jaime Garibay Phi Theta Kappa is the largest international honor society among two year community colleges, and Chemeketa houses its Alpha Kappa Omicron chapter. Alpha Kappa Omicron currently boasts more than 500 members and has inducted 120 new members this year. Phi Theta Kappa

Chemeketa Food Pantry offers help to those in need

By: Elizabeth Ming Food can be a hard thing to come by for many members of the Chemeketa community. Many find that it can be hard to provide for themselves and their families while also attending classes. But there is a service on campus that

Club seeks greater say in advertising

Close up of the types of advertisements allowed under the current rules. Photo by Kaitlyn McCall By Jaime Garibay College is a time for finding one’s identity, and some club members at Chemeketa feel that the college should allow them to have more control over

Chemeketa clubs provide community, camaraderie

By Ian Gerig – Photo by Alvin Wilson When the words college and clubs are combined, the mind immediately conjures up a scene of strobe lights, alcohol, and rave music. It’s an image that is none too beneficial to the college experience. However, there is

Chemeketa art student provides recycled creativity

By Willadean Wright – Photo by Brad Bakke Andrew Kuenzi has taken something intended for the recycling heap and turned it into art. “We collect the slip clay from the Pottery Wheel Throwing class,” he said. “And then we put it on to a board

Chemeketa’s higher education warriors testify at hearing

Photo and story by Alvin Wilson On a per student basis, Oregon currently ranks 47th out of 50 states in public higher education spending. To help reverse this trend, four Chemeketa students and Adam Holden, Chemeketa’s civic engagement coordinator, recently traveled to Springfield to attend

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Chemeketa program turns strangers into family

By Hannah Liedkie It’s a big world out there, but you don’t have to leave your home to experience it. To hear Christina Phillipp tell it, all you have to do is open your doors and welcome an international student into your home. “You never