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On The Spot: Are you prepared for finals?

Lilly Gimby, second-year nursing student “Oh yeah. I don’t really know what my final is going to be over but I do feel prepared. I’m only taking one class, and that’s my main focus right now.” Corey Hogan, second-year business student “Well I got to

On the Spot: Post-Election Responses

Tristan Martineau,  First-year student, AAOT:  “It is very interesting scenario and a lot of people are being manipulated in ways they shouldn’t be, but the only true way to tell is to see what’s going to happen over these next couple of months.”    

On the Spot: What do you think of the Oregon Promise?

Victor Perez, 1st year student, undeclared “I have Oregon Promise, but I have yet to actually receive any money from it.”   Reese Crockett, first-year student “I’m not really sure what Oregon Promise is. I know a few people in my classes who are on

On the Spot: Which presidential candidate do you support and why?

Jacob Wharton First-year psychology major “I decided not to vote because I don’t support either candidate”. Alexis Dowell-Delair First-year welding/automotive student “Mickey Mouse. I don’t think either one is qualified to be president. One is a celebrity and the other is running on lies.” Diego

On The Spot 3 June 2015

What is the best or most interesting thing that has happened to you at Chemeketa this year? By Rebeca Ilisoi – Photos By Rebeca Ilisoi Will Kemper first-year business student “A 6. I’ll be working this summer. I’m ready for a break from classes.” Yona