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About the Courier

The Chemeketa Courier is the student-run weekly newspaper and digital media platform for Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon and the surrounding four-county area.

The content is local in nature, emphasizing events and issues that are central to the life of the students and staff at the community college.

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Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Skog
Managing Editor: Jaime Garibay
Online Editor: Mary Primbs
Arts and Entertainment Editor: Maxwell Romprey
Photo Editor: Saul Rodriguez
News Editor: Michael Eubanks
Sports Editor: Alex Seifer
Reporters: Sam Guadagno
Faculty Adviser: Kevin Smith

One thought on “About the Courier”

  1. Mack Holman says:

    I have just received a letter from Chemeketa informing me that a sculpture I made for the school has been moved- safe and sound.

    Finals Week has been moved from outside the library to a new spot inside the library. The reason was for safety- ADA standards have changed since I placed the sculpture. There is a chance a visually impaired student could walk into it.

    Of course there was never any desire to hurt anyone. The problem I have is that location matters. I make my sculptures accessible, people pose with them, touch them, dress them. Interaction is a very positive thing.

    Now I have been informed that the sculpture, and the public is safe. The sculpture is now on the other side of the glass wall. Supposedly students can still go inside the library and touch it or pose with it. Maybe, I was never sent a photo of the relocation.

    Somehow my sculpture became a big safety issue, the first time any public art I have created over the years has been considered a risk. Are all sculptures at Chemeketa now protected such as my piece is? I remembered a piece under the stairway that had spikes coming out at my eye level.

    I had suggested that it be placed outside, the second-place I had selected. That was also considered unsafe- mowers might decimate it.

    Paintings might be best for Chemeketa, sculpture is obviously for very safe locations, not to be had at a community college. If the school does opt for paintings, I hope they will get very rounded edges for the frames, and still consider putting them behind glass, like the Mona Lisa.

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