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On The Spot 21 May 2014

Have You changed your major during your time at Chemeketa?

By Natalie Lieurance


Caitlyn Buswell

Second-year chemistry student
“I haven’t changed my major because the major that I have relates to the field I am going into. I am a chemistry major, and I am going into the medical field.”


Leticia Alvarez

First-year AAOT student
“I don’t even have a major, so I’ve never changed it. I never picked one in the beginning because I came to school to play soccer.”


Charles Leal

Second-year business management student
“I continued with what I was doing, but I had to change my major in order to get a transfer degree.”


Daniel Valentim

First-year AAOT student
“I haven’t changed my major because I’ve been getting a plain transfer degree. I’ve just been trying to complete the program.”


Siriki Soro

Third-year actuarial science student
“I’ve never changed my major. I always knew what I wanted to do from the beginning.”

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