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On The Spot 28 May 2014

What was your favorite class you’ve ever taken at Chemeketa?

By Natalie Lieurance


Jessica Wardei

Second-year nursing major
“Women’s studies with Jennifer Moore. My instructor was great and every class had a lot of involvement. It wasn’t a typical lecture and it was very interpersonal.”


Malcolm Mattox

Second-year computer engineering major
“Writing 121 with Cody Luff. The instructor made it enjoyable. He made it interesting and makes me enjoy going.”


Anahi Zuniga

Second-year nursing major
“Writing 121 with Cody Luff. He inspires you to write because you love it, not just for a grade.”


David Lemon

First-year AAOT major
“Pottery with Lee Jacobsen. I don’t like a lot of book work and I like things that are hands on so it was good for me.”


Disha Saima

First-year business major
“Writing 122 with Kate Thomas. I like it because it’s in the middle of everything and it provides me space to be able to write.”

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