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Player Profile: Dominique Lawrence

Player profile_By_Brad_Bakke__no1_May 27, 2015

Story by Kaydi Milton – Photo by Brad Bakke

What are your plans for next year?

Looking either to go to Central Washington or UC San Diego. I want to play volleyball and basketball there. I’m striving towards being a college coach some day.

When someone is struggling toward a goal,

what advice would you give them?

One is infinitely more than zero, so don’t underestimate the progress of a baby step.

Who is your inspirations to play basketball?

All my bros in my city, all the kids that I coach, and my coaches because without the support of them believing in me, I wouldn’t see what it was like to have a purpose bigger than myself.

What is your biggest pet peeve on the basketball court?

Going down silently, quitting. Never quit; the fight is never over.

What are you doing during the summer?

Working at Cascade Sports Camp. I’ll be teaching and coaching children. I will also be preparing for next level and stages in my life. I’m going to bring my little brother down here so we can get better together.

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