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Monthly Archives: October 2017

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Review: LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

Time will kill James Murphy, but LCD Soundsystem is not dead yet Review: LCD Soundsystem – American Dream James Murphy, head maestro of dance-rock project LCD Soundsystem, has never been a young man. He arrived in the public eye at the age of 32, young

Degree Works works for you

Chemeketa has recently made available a powerful tool that could change how students evaluate their progress towards their education and career goals. Degree Works, first implemented in 2014, but now available to students, is an academic advising and degree auditing program that allows students and

New York Times now free to Chemeketa students and staff

  A subscription to the New York Times that could otherwise cost up to $26.99 a month is now available free of charge to staff and students attending Chemeketa. The library staff at Chemeketa have recently secured an academic site license with The New York

How journalism helped me live my racing dream

There’s no place I’d rather spend a weekend afternoon than at a racetrack. The excitement of watching skilled drivers pilot their vehicles inches apart from one another at breathtaking speeds is indescribable. Ever since I discovered auto racing, I’ve wanted to be part of it.