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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Gallery shows whatever comes up

A residency in the summer has turned into a gallery exhibit in the fall. The exhibit, titled “Whatever Comes Up, I Will _____ It,” by artists Milla Oliveira and Johnny Beaver is a perfect example of what can be done through Chemeketa’s artist-in-residence program. “About

Chemeketa students offer help to those in need

One Thursday each month, students from Chemeketa travel to Portland to volunteer their time with Night Strike, an organization that serves the needs of the homeless. Night Strike, an outreach group managed by the humanitarian organization Bridge Town Inc., gathers each week under the Burnside

Mock Trial team wins U of O tournament

Chemeketa’s Mock Trial team won first place in the University of Oregon’s David Frohnmayer Invitational. A total of 18 schools competed in the tournament including Reed College, University of Portland, University of Redlands, and the University of Oregon. Chemeketa was the only community college represented

On The Spot: What are you doing for Winter Break?

By Megan Stewart and Jenaro Ramirez Mario Martinez, First-year Electrical Engineering student “[I’m going to] go to Bend. I have friends down there … They invited me, so I might try that out. I’ve never been snowboarding, so that’s something I’ve got to try. I might

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An extraordinary journey, a troubled path

Review: The Last Guardian PlayStation 4 Acclaimed video game director Fumito Ueda’s latest game, which is about escaping an abandoned fortress with an enigmatic half-bird, half-dog beast known as Trico, is simultaneously one of the best experiences on the PlayStation 4 and one of the

Progress continues in CFA contract negotiations

Negotiations between the college administration and the Chemeketa Faculty Association (CFA) are moving forward as both sides work towards an agreement on a new contract. The contract between the two sides expires every three years and must be renegotiated. This provides an opportunity not only

Club Corner: Phi Theta Kappa

Chemeketa is home to the Alpha Kappa Omicron chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa organization. “Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two year colleges,” Lindsey Caudle, the chapter president, said. “There’s four pillars. They call them pillars of excellence. Fellowship, leadership, scholarship,

DACA uncertainty leaves students in jeopardy

When the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program began, Guadalupe cried tears of joy. No longer forced to the shadows of society, DACA allows her to live and work without fear in the only country she’s ever called home. But with the program’s future now