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Monthly Archives: June 2018

For 445 years of service, Chemeketa honors retirees

On Monday, May 7, Chemeketa President Julie Huckestein and other college administrators praised the hard work and accomplishments of retiring Chemeketa employees. They also shared remarks prepared by retirees’ colleagues. The employees honored during this event are retiring after a combined 445 years of service

Chemeketa’s Food Pantry provides help for the hungry

According to a national study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, one in three community college students struggle with food insecurity. Grecia Garcia Perez, who coordinates the Chemeketa Food Pantry, wants those students to know there is a place they can go for help. Every

Gaming for life

When most people hear the term “gamer,” many negative stereotypes come to mind. A propensity for violence, antisocial behavior, and even a loose grip on reality. Could it be that this overall negative outlook on gaming has blinded our community to its more positive attributes?

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Preparing to perform

You bought a concert ticket for $110 to see your favorite solo musician live on stage. When you arrive to the venue, the auditorium is buzzing with excitement. The lights dim, and the musician walks out onto center stage. They are calm, poised and confident.

If you build it, they will come

It’s been a long time coming for the Chemeketa softball team. After 20 long years, Head Coach Pamela Knox and her team finally have their own home field. “Having that field is huge…We can’t wait to be able to walk across the street and go

Player Profile: Kendal Bailey

Kendal Bailey is a second-year player student and pitcher for Chemeketa’s Softball Team. Prior to attending Chemeketa, Bailey attended Scappoose High School, where she pitched all throughout high school. She does not plan on continuing softball once she transfers to Oregon State but rather likes

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Bronze for Chemeketa’s Nursing Program

According to the website, Chemeketa’s nursing program is the third best in the state. Due to its heavy competition, they only take about 40-48 people annually. This year, 224 people applied for the program. Even more sent in unfinished applications. What makes the program