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Monthly Archives: October 2018

The flow of figures and abstract

Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou A beetle and spider preserved in paint and gloss, a grid of figures who wonder about themselves in watercolor. Two different styles of art flow together to create the current show at Chemeketa’s own Gretchen Schuette Gallery. The art featured currently

Chemeketa holds employee art fair

On Sept. 12, faculty at Chemeketa held an employee art fair inside the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery, showcasing their talents. The artists involved discussed the work they created over the summer, sharing the inspirations that contributed to the overall value of their work.

New musical debuts at Chemeketa

The first staged reading of “POE: the Musical” will take place here at Chemeketa. Premiering in the heart of halloween season, the musical aims to shed light on the famous, or perhaps infamous, father of American gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe. The show opens with

Portrait of Julie Huckestein

Chemeketa president to retire at end of academic year

Running a college is a group effort, requiring the cooperation of everyone from administration to custodians. “Whether you are cleaning the restrooms or vacuuming the college in the evening hours, that somehow is leading to student success,” as Vice President David Hallett puts it. But