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Yearly Archives: 2019

Students host Culture Fair

According to Kapan, the Culture Fair gives students a chance to present the culture they or their families are from. This year hosted over seven booths showcasing students’ cultures from places like Ecuador, China and Russia.

An invitation from the Courier

Chemeketa is a microcosm of America. Our community is made up of thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Much like America as a whole, Chemeketa is home to people of nearly every imaginable ethnicity, religion, orientation, economic background, life experience and, of course, political leaning.

Self-portrait of Erik Timm in a rural area

What I did when I left the Courier

I didn’t tell many people. How could I? I had done some absurd things traveling before, but this was an entirely different level of extreme. Less than a week before I was set to depart, I decided that I would walk from Prague to Vienna