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An ensemble for the end of winter term

Band students rehearsing for upcoming event.
Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou

Chemeketa’s winter concert this year will not only feature the choir, but also the band and orchestra groups as well.

This is different than what has been done in previous peformances, allowing for all three groups to work on music of a similar genre. Music Program and Choir Director Kerry Burtis is organizing  the event, which will include performances of Carmen by Bizet, Madame Butterfly by Puccini, Candide by Bernstein, Anvil Chorus by Verdi and Placido E Il Mar by Mozart.

“We’ve all been preparing our groups separately, ‘cause we [the choir] meet…Monday nights, the band meets Tuesdays and orchestra meets Thursday…Everyone’s been preparing their part and then we’ll put it together the week or two before. Then the night before we’ll have a big grand dress rehearsal,” said Kerry Burtis.

Jaqueline Dickey will be featured as one of the soloists for the concert and will be singing an aria by Mozart. Dickey has been a part of Chemeketa’s Music Program as a vocal coach since the beginning of 2015.

She shared that opera is great for learning various vocal techniques that contribute to a well-rounded singing voice.“It really is the best way to get freedom of the voice and it’s the best way to work on breathing issues and issues having to do with resonance.”

When asked if he was pleased with the influence that music program is having on campus, Burtis said, “both yes and no…there’s still people even on this campus that don’t know we have a full-fledged…college music program.”

He also talked about the importance of promoting the music program, “getting the word out is crucial…any way we get the word out that we have music at Chemeketa, it’s good.”

The end-of-winter-term concert is not like anything seen at Chemeketa in recent years with the combination of the groups and the new genre of opera being performed.  

Chemeketa’s music program will be holding their winter concert in Building. 6, Auditorium 7:00 p.m. on March 15.

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