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Artists ask what it means to be human

Artists Nancy Grace Horton, Owen Premore and Dawn Hudgens were invited to the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery to present their work investigating what it means to be human.

“The reason we have all of these artists together is because we felt their art speaks,” said Deanne Beausoleil, an art professor at Chemeketa, “of being a human being and how we can kind of make fun of that.”

Horton’s pieces included photos of a woman’s feet on the stove, a woman in the shower with her dishes and a woman in heels with a lawnmower. 

“I wanted to make work that had more of a message than just making a pretty photograph, so I started thinking really about what gets under my skin,” said Horton. “And it became the media. How the media portrays women…and our culture, and how there is just a great gap in the equality of male and female.”

Premore reflects on humor in his work, as a “ great tool for just creating common language…It makes it approachable, an opportunity to reflect but also it’s [a] common reflection in a humorous kind of shared experience and so it’s interesting. I guess I kind of use humor a lot in my work.” 

Premores work included crochet donuts, a large crochet mosquito and an image of his family at a lakeside.

“I kind of gravitate to things that I find common to the human condition,” said Hudgens, “Work, survival, problems.” His work depicted images of teeth, chicken, and bunnies. 

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