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Stories in the Gallery are kicking off spring

“How are you today?” If you’re wondering how to reply, this art show might have answers. Tell me a story – an Exploration into Visual Narrative is the latest exhibit to be featured in the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery. The show runs from April 4

Photo of Ron Cox, Stephanie Lenox, and Brian Mosher

Chemeketa Press goes national

Due to rising tuition costs, college isn’t getting any cheaper. What should a college do when some of its students can’t even afford the necessary textbooks? Chemeketa has found one answer: make its own. And now these books will be coming to colleges across the

Degree Works works for you

Chemeketa has recently made available a powerful tool that could change how students evaluate their progress towards their education and career goals. Degree Works, first implemented in 2014, but now available to students, is an academic advising and degree auditing program that allows students and