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The third question

This article was preceded yesterday by another in which nine former Chemeketa journalism students answered a series of questions which began with, “How did being in the Chemeketa Journalism program impact you,” and, “Are there any skills or things you learned in journalism and have

Q&A with President Jessica Howard

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Jessica Howard reaches a year and five months of being Chemeketa’s president. Howard agreed to a Zoom meeting in order to discuss topics from goals for the college to the effects of COVID-19, to what the foreseeable

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Preparing to perform

You bought a concert ticket for $110 to see your favorite solo musician live on stage. When you arrive to the venue, the auditorium is buzzing with excitement. The lights dim, and the musician walks out onto center stage. They are calm, poised and confident.

Chemeketa’s music program thrives

In 2013, the Chemeketa Choir had 12 people. There was no band or orchestra until the fall of 2015. Today, Chemeketa has three choirs, an orchestra and a band. Since the return of Chemeketa’s music program, it has grown substantially and is showing no sign