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Linda Herrera: Retired, but not gone for good

Linda Herrera has strolled Chemeketa Community College’s halls longer than many of the students with whom she interacts have been alive. Now, 31 years later, her reign as one of the most familiar faces at Chemeketa is coming to a close. On June 29, Herrera

On the Spot: Summer tuition increase

Starting this summer, there will be a tuition increase of $6 per credit. We asked what students thought about the upcoming tuition hike. Photos by Caleb Wolf. I don’t think it’s a good idea because, as students, most are going full-time and if they are

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Everyone needs to prepare for active threats

Almost since the country’s inception, schools in the U.S. have been a target for violence. But given the uptick of schoolyard attacks in recent years, most notably the Parkland, Florida shooting in February 2018, there’s no better time than now for students to learn how

On the Spot: Cellphones in the classroom

Photos by Jenaro Ramirez. It might be detrimental to the individual student, but other students shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. We’re all here for our individual benefit. If they want to screw themselves, they can screw themselves. — Ty Shibley, first-year student of

Storm wins NWAC volleyball championship

After a demanding five-game weekend, the Chemeketa Women’s Volleyball team accomplished their number one goal for the 2017 season: win the NWAC Championships. Riding the wave of their recent South Region Conference victory, the Storm swept the tournament in Tacoma, WA. It was the team’s

Chemeketa Volleyball team storms into playoffs

There are many things that college students ignore: course credit hours, their alarm for an 8 a.m. class, snapchats from a doe-eyed classmate who just can’t take a hint. However, Chemeketa attendees be warned: the 2017 Storm volleyball team should not be one of them.

College prepares to unveil new website

Chemeketa students will have more to look forward to this winter than just candy canes and sweater weather. After nearly three years of work, Chemeketa’s new public website is almost here. Headed by Marketing Director Greg Harris, the idea for the switch came from concerns