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Cascadia: a flag and a following

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Continental Divide to the East, stretching from Alaska’s Prince William Sound into the Klamath River in California, is the bioregion called Cascadia.

Local Korean restaurant feeds the homeless

Since 2015, the Salem Korean restaurant Happy Bibimbap House has closed at 2:30 p.m. three Mondays a month to prepare fresh food for the homeless, paid for out of their own pocket and with charitable donations from a jar in their restaurant. Volunteers from The

New musical debuts at Chemeketa

The first staged reading of “POE: the Musical” will take place here at Chemeketa. Premiering in the heart of halloween season, the musical aims to shed light on the famous, or perhaps infamous, father of American gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe. The show opens with