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Bookstore adds perks for students

Bookstore adds perks for students

by Monica Lang

Wouldn’t everyone love to get a reward for using the bookstore?  Starting this March, the Chemeketa bookstore is introducing a few new perks for students.

A new program called “Buck a Book” is being implemented for students that sell back their books during the buy back period.  For every book sold, the bookstore will be giving them student an extra Bookstore Buck.  This can be spent within the bookstore for whatever they want.  While they do have an expiration date of April 30th for those that are sold back this March, it will give students the ability to apply the bucks towards their book purchases for spring term, supplies, or even candy.

Everybody wins with the new program.  “The benefits of a student selling back to the bookstore are a few extra bucks and more used books for the next round of students to purchase,” said Margaret Byers, Operations supervisor at the bookstore.  “Each student can earn up to $10 extra bucks.”

What else is new this term?  Chemeketa is now offering a price comparison tool through the bookstore website.  They can not only see the on campus price, but other vendors such as or for what the cost of the book will be there as well.  Links will be available to take them right to those companies to purchase the book through.  Students who use the bookstore can have their textbooks can be shipped or picked up in-store on campus, saving additional money on shipping.  Rentals have increased to over 200 books this spring term as well.

“We are very excited to introduce price comparison to our website,” Byers said.  For additional information about Chememekta’s online price comparison tool, visit

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