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Cancellations and postponements announced due to coronavirus

Informational posters are now up around campus. Photo by Taylor Wynia

In an all-student email sent out Friday afternoon, President Jessica Howard announced that there will be no face-to-face finals next week and spring term will be postponed by one week in attempts to deter the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus. 

Students will receive an email or Blackboard announcement from their instructors regarding how their final will be administered, or if they will have one at all. Spring term will begin the week of April 6 and end as originally scheduled during the week of June 8, making it a 10-week term. Financial aid will disperse as originally scheduled. 

It is at the instructor’s discretion whether an in-class final will be moved to an online format or canceled altogether, according to an all-staff email from Howard. 

Student services will remain open the week of finals as well as the week of spring break, though students are encouraged to connect with services remotely for the time being. Howard also said in the staff email, “in order to accommodate a shift to remote services and online instruction, we will be preparing on-campus computer labs for student use,” though no further announcement regarding this has been made.

Amid what the World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled a pandemic, Howard said Oregon has not recommended the closure of colleges, though Chemeketa will be taking certain precautions such as: “Cancelling college-associated gatherings and group activities that do not allow for individuals to maintain a distance of three feet from one another,” and, “shifting to ‘remote learning,’ which incorporates online learning and strategies to limit face-to-face class interaction wherever feasible.”

Both emails also said that, with closures to Salem-Keizer public schools for the upcoming weeks, students and staff are not permitted to bring their children to campus. 

Students with holds on their accounts that require them to meet with an adviser have been lifted, according to the email. Howard encouraged students to contact their adviser over the phone or by email to plan for the upcoming term.

No members of the Chemeketa community had tested positive for coronavirus at the time of Howard’s email. 
For more information regarding the coronavirus and Chemeketa, visit Chemeketa’s website at

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