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Crime Log – Feb. 27, 2018

December 1 Theft / Green Lot At 8:45 a.m., Public Safety was notified about a theft that had occurred the night before between 6:30 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. Fifty dollars in cash, a North Face jacket, a makeup bag, a sweatshirt, and a water bottle

Crime Log 6 May 2017

March 27 Trespass Bldg. 7 At 12:02 p.m., an officer received a call from a Chemeketa staff member regarding a man in the men’s locker room in building 7. The man was already prohibited from being on campus, so several officers responded to the building.

Crime Log 7 March 2017

By Samantha Guadagno Jan. 31 Harassment Bldg. 50 At 3:17 p.m., an officer received a call regarding the harassment of a Winema student. The suspect was a former student of the Winema GED program who had previously been removed and told to stay off the

Crime Log 21 February 2017

By Samantha Guadagno Jan. 10 Suspicious Activity Bldg. 50 At 2:20 p.m., an officer was sent to investigate a report of a woman siphoning gas in the parking lot outside of Bldg. 50. Upon investigation, the officer was unable to locate any persons matching the

Crime Log 15 November 2016

Nov. 2 Hit and Run Property, Green Parking Lot A student found a dent on the driver’s side of her vehicle around 10:34 a.m. when she returned from class. The height of the dent suggested a larger vehicle was responsible. Scuff marks were present, but

Crime Log 14 October 2016

Oct. 14 Criminal Mischief, Building 53 Department of Human Services manager discovered a broken window at bld 53. Officer took photos of the damage and submitted a work order to have the window replaced Theft, Building 2 Contractor was locked out on the roof of building 2

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Crime Log

Oct. 14 Criminal Mischief Bldg. 53 A department of human services manager discovered a broken window at bldg. 53. An officer submitted a work order to have the window replaced. Theft Bldg. 2 A contractor was locked out on the roof of bldg. 2 due

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Crime Log 27 May 2015

May 7 Stalking – Bldg. 2 At 10:57 a.m., an officer received a report that someone was stalking one of the baristas. The report said the suspect would stand at the counter for 40 minutes at a time and not buy anything. The suspect also

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Crime Log 20 MAY 2015

April 29 Illegal Substance – Bldg. 3 At 12:37 a.m. while on bike patrol, an officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana near Bldg. 3 and saw some students acting suspiciously. The officer talked to the students about Chemeketa’s drug- and smoke-free policy. The officer