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On the Spot: Salem’s plastic bag ban

Reporters Connor Fajardo and Jarret Whitenack asked students on campus what they thought about the ban on plastic bags in Salem in this video produced by The Courier‘s multimedia editor, Montana Langford.

On the Spot: Should Oregon remain a sanctuary state?

Henry Hippen – second-year, film and media “Sounds nice that it’s a sanctuary place. I don’t really agree with the whole ICE thing. Going around arresting people, and I think it’s wrong.”     Jessica Legere – transfer degree “Yeah, I think it should stay

On The Spot: Why take classes over the summer?

By Nick Rogers Victoria Bennette, Second-year General Studies student “It helps get stuff out of the way so you’re more prepared for when fall term rolls around.” Michael Wallace, First-Year History student “It’s better than sitting around at home.” Taylor Dollens, First-year Electronics student “To

On the Spot: Summer tuition increase

Starting this summer, there will be a tuition increase of $6 per credit. We asked what students thought about the upcoming tuition hike. Photos by Caleb Wolf. I don’t think it’s a good idea because, as students, most are going full-time and if they are

On the Spot: Cellphones in the classroom

Photos by Jenaro Ramirez. It might be detrimental to the individual student, but other students shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. We’re all here for our individual benefit. If they want to screw themselves, they can screw themselves. — Ty Shibley, first-year student of

On the Spot: What is your New Year’s resolution?

Photos by Caleb Wolf. I never officially made one, but I think my unofficial New Year’s resolution was to become more strong in myself, and more stable as a person. — Mara Steele, first-year student of psychology.   Not to procrastinate on things I want

On The Spot: What are you doing for Winter Break?

By Megan Stewart and Jenaro Ramirez Mario Martinez, First-year Electrical Engineering student “[I’m going to] go to Bend. I have friends down there … They invited me, so I might try that out. I’ve never been snowboarding, so that’s something I’ve got to try. I might