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Chemeketa Alumnus is Inspired by the Unusual

Darrell Jabin, Chemeketa alumnus and videographer.

Darrell Jabin, Chemeketa alumnus and videographer.

By Nathan Pisano – Photo Courtesy of Darrell Jabin

Inspiration can strike at any time.

Darrell Jabin, a Chemeketa alumnus, discovered his passion while working for Public Employees Retirement.

For his job, Jabin has to travel 6,000 miles throughout Oregon each year, visiting more than two dozen cities and administering public employment benefit trusts to make sure employees get their correct benefits.

During his travels, Jabin meets with many people and hears some great stories, which prompted him to make videos to share what he had learned with others.

“I meet interesting people all the time,” he said. “Some have even been related to pioneers.”

Since developing his hobby six years ago, Jabin has made 75 videos. Most of them are short (no more than a couple minutes in length) and cover quirky parts of Oregon and its history.

For example, one is about Umatilla, where the city council was comprised mostly of women before women were even allowed to vote in most states.

Other videos are longer, up to 20 minutes in length and cover a range of topics. Among them:

Theaters of Oregon;

Oregon’s Carousels;

Oregon’s Amusement Parks;

Oregon’s Blue Book.

Soon after he began making these videos, Jabin began presenting them at libraries and retirement homes throughout the state. It wasn’t long before he was asked if he would sell them.

Jabin, the brother-in-law of English instructor Tammy Jabin, decided to sell the videos for $10 each, with a catch.

Half of the proceeds goes to Capitol Community Television to cover the cost of production.

The other half of the proceeds goes to a non-profit that the video is related to: proceeds from the Oregon Blue Book video go to State Archives; proceeds from the Oregon Carousels video go to Albany Carousel Project; and proceeds from the Oregon Theaters video go to Restore Oregon.

“Between those three videos, I estimate that 250 to 300 copies have been sold.” Jabin said.

Jabin gives the proceeds to non-profit organizations because he said that making these videos was not about money for him.

“Part of the fun of all this is discovering what I can do with my productions,” he said.

CCTV does not allow people to make money off the productions, so a non-profit may help sell the video.

Albany Carousel, for instance, sells the video about Oregon Carousels in its gift shop.

The non-profit plays a role in the video as well, whether he talks to some staff directly or his video features some things that the non-profit has been responsible for.

The videos are now available in more than two dozen libraries around Oregon, including the library at the Chemeketa campus in Salem.

The video available at Chemeketa, Before the Show Began, is about different types of theaters in Oregon and runs at 29 minutes.

Interested students have an opportunity to be in his next video, which is about the Oregon State Fair.

“I am filming everyone who comes and shares a memory. I am looking for a good assortment of stories to include in the video,” he said.

Jabin will be filming from noon to 3 p.m. at the CCTV building, 575 Trade Street SE in downtown Salem, on Feb. 21.

He said he hoped that Chemeketa students would be interested in learning more about the hobby that he refers to as infotainment.

“They have an opportunity to not only learn, but to have fun as well,” he said.

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