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Chemeketa bookstore adjusts to COVID safety guidelines

A box of textbooks. Photo by Lauren Murphy

Chemeketa students could only order textbooks and supplies online this Spring 2020 term because of Oregon’s stay-at-home moratorium.  

“I know there were some long hours there at the beginning of the term figuring everything out.  But they managed to do it,” said Lynn Irvin, an administrator coordinator for the College Support Services at Chemeketa  

Tim King, an employee at the Chemeketa Bookstore said the bookstore was able to get books shipped within 24 hours of ordering. Until the beginning of April the bookstore was offering free shipping. “Everything ordered today will go out tomorrow.  We are running about 200 orders a day.  So far since the shutdown we have sent over 2,000 orders,” King said. 

King urged students to verify what textbooks are really required before submitting their order. “Returns are difficult right now. Checking [books] CRN number to verify that they are making sure they are ordering the right item for that particular class,” King said 

Most students request used copies, but there is not always enough to go around. “We try to get used [books] if we can.  A lot of people say used-preferred which is perfectly fine, but they will get a new book if we are all out of the used copies,” King said,  

Social distancing guidelines and student layoffs have made the job harder. At most there are only four people in the bookstore at a time. “We maintain our distance.  We wear masks if we feel comfortable, if that is what we want to do, I am wearing my mask,” King said,

Rental books are due back by Sunday, June 14 at midnight. They can be returned at the Minimal Contact Drive-Thru in the public safety parking booth (near the green lot) 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. June 9 through June 12.

Books can also be returned by going to the bookstore from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. June 8 through June 12, face masks are highly recommended and social distancing is required. If going after hours, place the book in the library return box in the green lot outside of building nine.

The buy back is scheduled for the same places and times. To see if the bookstore is buying back a certain book and how much they are paying for it, visit

The bookstore is not set-up for voicemail, so students may need to call multiple times to get through. “We are answering the phone calls as we can.  [But], you can also use Facebook messaging and you can e-mail at,” King said.

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