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Chemeketa building vandalized

After a three-day weekend, students returned to find the Chemeketa campus vandalized with graffiti. 

Sheila Lorance, Chemeketa’s interim Public Safety Director, says this isn’t the first time vandals have targeted Chemeketa in recent months. The graffiti was found in Bldg. 2, where it was in the campus dining hall. There was also new graffiti on the outside wall of the Chemeketa convenience store. 

“It happened around 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon,” said Lorance. “It’s been ongoing. We’re getting tagged every day.”

Public Safety believes this is a group of six individuals. They are working with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on this ongoing problem.

Lorance said, “We think it’s young kids. As soon as we clean it off, they’re back. It’s all up and down Lancaster.“ 

If you see vandalism on campus, report it to Public Safety by calling (503) 399-5023.

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