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Chemeketa Foundation scholarships are up for grabs in February

By Morgan Grimmett

Students will be able to apply for Chemeketa Foundation scholarships starting Feb. 1.

Otilia Morales, the foundation’s scholarship coordinator, said the scholarships would be available to a variety of people and to students in various programs.

“Chemeketa Foundation Scholarships are given out by Chemeketa. The funds come from various donations by alumni and other organizations,” she said.

“We have scholarships for nursing students. We have special scholarships for technical programs, single moms, and regular ones for students pursuing a degree.

“The scholarships can range anywhere from $100 to $4,500. These scholarships can be really helpful, no matter the amount.”

Students recognize a good deal when they see it. Consequently, the competition for securing a scholarship is getting increasingly stiff.

“Last year we had a record number of applicants, a little over 2,500,” Morales said. “We also gave out a record number of scholarships: 350.”

One of the possible reasons for the increase in student applications is the application itself.

Morales said, “The application is very easy. There is one application for all scholarships available. The questions we ask are fairly easy. We just want to know about the students and their goals.”

Peggy Greene, who works in the foundation’s scholarship office, also offered advice on how students can get a leg up on other applicants.

“The easiest thing to do is to actually answer all the questions. You would not believe the amount of questions skipped on applications,” she said.

There’s a point to the questions.

“The questions are for us to get to know you and find out what scholarships you can be available for,” Greene said.

“When students leave questions blank, it deprives us from accurately knowing the student’s background and how we can help them.”

Getting an early start on the process also helps.

Morales said, “The application is available online and will be up from Feb. 1 until the end of March.”

Morales mentioned one other thing:

“It’s money for students, and it’s free money, the best kind,” she said.

More information about the Chemeketa Foundation and the scholarships program is available by contacting the Chemeketa Foundation office at 503-365-4747, or by emailing at

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