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Chemeketa holds job fair for students

Building 2 hums with life during the job fair. Photo courtesy of Career Center

The student center, usually tucked away and quiet, was buzzing with life on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 17. Tables with colorful, informational flyers took up nearly every inch of the room, leaving a small pathway for students to maneuver their way through the maze. The Chemeketa job fair had begun.

Twice a year, Chemeketa invites a variety of businesses into its arms during their job fair with the hopes of getting students exposed to employers and, ideally, hired.

“If it’s focused on employers trying to connect with students it makes a lot more sense to bring it to a place where the students are gonna be,” said Kip Carlson, Chemeketa’s Student Employment Specialist, who helps to coordinate the job fair.

Many of the employers are enthusiastic about having students become part of their staff.

“We have all kind of positions available, and we work with flexible schedules, so having students would be a great addition to our source,” said Renee Rummer, an employer at Carl’s Jr.

“I specifically really like Chemeketa, because a lot of the students are also working. So they’re looking for a job,” said Kim, a Hiring Associate for Scribe America

For many students, juggling class and a job may seem like a stressful feat, but the Chemeketa career services staff works to recruit employers who will be able to work around this.

“The jobs that we try and get employers to offer at these fairs are ones that the widest range of students could be suitable for,” said Carlson. “We’re looking for jobs that are part-time [and] that have somewhat flexible schedules”  

All students are welcomed to join the jobs fairs, but these are not the only services offered at Chemeketa for career help. Students can find job boards with listings littering the buildings around campus in addition to jobs listed on career link. The doors to the Career Center are also always open for students looking for assistance with resumes, applications, or even a mock interview.

“It’s not just the fair tomorrow. It’s year-round, and all of these different things that we can do to help you find work. Whatever the case may be,” Carlson said.

The next job fair will be held April 25, 2019. Students can also schedule an appointment for help in the Career Center online via

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