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Chemeketa navigates a gift to Garmin

5GarminByBradBakke-May 29, 2013

By Brad Bakke

On May 29, Chemeketa officials visited Garmin AT in Salem to offer a thank-you gift.

During the past year, Garmin has donated nearly $400,000 in electrical equipment and computer components to the college’s electronics department.

Garmin AT is the expanded aviation division of Garmin Ltd. in Salem.  Garmin is a leading worldwide provider of navigation equipment for automotive, aviation, marine and sport customers.4GarminByBradBakke-May 29, 20132GarminByBradBakke-May 29, 2013

Representing Chemeketa were President Cheryl Roberts; Andrew Bone, the executive dean and the Chemeketa Foundation’s executive director; and Nancy Duncan, the foundation’s director.

Roberts said, “We wanted to thank Garmin for the support they have shown Chemeketa’s faculty and students, as well as our community.”

Roberts gave Steve VanArsdale, Garmin’s general manager, a plate featuring Chemeketa’s logo, along with a certificate of appreciation from the college. The plate was designed and made by Lynda Barrett,   a member of the faculty at Chemeketa.3GarminByBradBakke-May 29, 2013

VanArsdan and Gerald Beyer, Garmin’s engineering support team leader, then offered the Chemeketa administrators a tour of the plant, which ended at Beyer’s office.

Beyer has developed a culture of donating.

Standing just inside of his office, next to a large stack of computer components headed to Chemeketa, Beyer said, “As soon as our people found out I was donating [excess materials] to Chemeketa, they started to bring me stuff.”

1GarminByBradBakke-May 29, 2013VanArsdale said, “Engineers hate throwing stuff away. But when they know it will be used to help educate future engineers, it makes it easy to give it to Chemeketa.

“We really want to improve and encourage education.  It benefits us. We need a well-qualified pool to recruit from.”

Beyer said, “I am helping someone. I am helping them with their education.”

 6GarminByBradBakke-May 29, 2013

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