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Chemeketa scholarships deadline coming up fast

It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s exclusive.

But time is running out to apply for Chemeketa Scholarships, which offer free money for Chemeketa students.

“This is the only time to apply for scholarships,” Otilia Morales, the scholarship coordinator, said. “The deadline is March 31.”

Even though the deadline to turn in the application is coming up quickly, it isn’t too late, nor too difficult, to apply.

“The application process has been simplified,” Morales said, “and it’s very easy to apply. The online application is very simple.”

The application is found online with easy-to-follow steps.

Morales said there are nearly 100 scholarships available this year and close to $450,000 in scholarships awards.

“We have a variety of scholarships that are program-specific, scholarships with specific criteria, and several for those who are pursuing a degree or certificate,” she said.

“In the past, for program-specific scholarships, we didn’t get enough applicants, so the money just sat there.”

According to Meghan Gallop, the Chemeketa’s marketing director, the foundation offers these scholarships because they want students to succeed.

“Paying for college is a challenge for most people,” she said. “Even if your parents saved their entire life, there’s still fees that come up. Sometimes you just don’t have enough.

“Paying for school is hard, and we’re just trying to make it as easy as possible for students to be successful. Money should never be a barrier to getting an education.”

The are available only to Chemeketa students.

“The students who apply are competing against those who attend Chemeketa,” Morales said, “so it isn’t national, where you have thousands and thousands of students to compete against.”

Where does the money come from?

“A lot of people from the community and staff who believe in students contribute to scholarships,” Morales said, “and I think students should apply to use those funds.”

More information on how to apply for a Chemeketa Foundation scholarship can be found at

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