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Chemeketa Veteran Services hosts the third Annual Professional Development Day

Students at the Woodburn Professional Day. Photo by Majerle Mathis

Professional Development Day took place at the Chemeketa Woodburn campus on Feb. 19 and 20, 2019. The event included representatives from both local and worldwide business agencies.

Companies presented opportunities to have hands-on interactions with professionals involved within the representing companies and Chemeketa’s coordinating staff. Some activities were: on-the-spot interviews, discussing future goals and careers, the collection of emails and phone numbers to build relationships with the visiting companies.

The first day included persons from the Oregon National Guard, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Navy, the Oregon National Guard, Oregon State Hospital and the Oregon WorkSource.

When asked about the advantages of providing this opportunity to students, Veterans Services coordinator Jon Terrazas stated, “…To have students begin to think about beyond the community itself, ‘If I wanted to go somewhere else, is this company right for me?’”

Terrazas continued on to say, “…Global and national companies, they are here right in Woodburn, so they are looking for students from Woodburn so they can be a part of that event.”

The second day, representatives from companies like Garmin, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Keizer Permanente and even the Chemeketa Human Resources were in attendance.

The focus and goal of the Professional Development Day every year according to Terrazas, “…Is to help shed light that there are many opportunities that it be local or global that students can be a part of…[and] get connected to corporations, agencies and companies that are looking to hire students specifically…so they can get them into the products and services that they do in the community.”

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