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Chemeketa welcomes Dean Timor Saffary and Dean Marie Gabbard

Timor Saffary the Dean of Math, Engineering and Computer science. Photo by Marlys Pughmanley

Chemeketa Community College welcomed two new deans, Timor Saffary and Marie Gabbard, onboard at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

 Saffary is now the Dean of Math, Engineering & Computer Science. He said he’s experienced “overwhelming support,” as he’s transitioned into his new role. “People were very welcoming. And they made it easier for me to settle in and get to know the institution and to learn the new policies, procedures, the culture at Chemeketa. So, it was made easy for me,” Saffary said.

Saffary wanted to focus on learning the ropes during his first two terms at Chemeketa before implementing any new strategies. “And after that, I think I will feel qualified to come up with recommendations on how to improve the standards, teaching faculty, as well as support our students. I think I am now getting more and more familiar with my new college. And now I am in a better position to focus on certain areas,” Saffary said.

Even though he is the head of the Math, Engineering & Computer Science departments, Staffe wants to work with the people who are already in the department. He described his leadership as collaborative. “For me it is important to work with my colleagues, with the faculty and staff in the decision process because I think that the processes, their input feedback is important and can only enrich the process. And so far, I have benefited greatly,” said Saffary. 

Saffary said he is excited to be at Chemeketa. He wanted students to know that Chemeketa staff and leadership are here for them. “Ultimately, every educational institution is made for students because any college without students would be at most a research institute. So, we all are here because of students. And I hope that the students know that,” Saffary said.

Marie Gabbard accepted the Dean of Life & Physical Science position. She said the transition has been challenging, but described Chemeketa as a welcoming place.

“It has been a really good transition for me,” Gabbard said. She shared that the people at the college have been extremely helpful, especially her Administrative Assistant, Beatrice, who has been helping her learn the ropes.

Gabbard wants to focus on continuing what the science department is already doing. “I do want to try to continue that excellence in science education. And I do want to push us forward into being more creative with solutions that really, kind of help a greater diversity of students and bring them into science,” Gabbard said.

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