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Chemeketa’s faculty art show 2015 is now on display in Bldg. 3 gallery


By Mike Boni Photos By Brad Bakke

Why go to the current exhibit at the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery on the ground floor of Bldg. 3?

You can actually find 47 reasons to visit the display.

According to Deborah Trousdale, the art gallery’s coordinator since 2011, “This is the largest show for the number of artists and pieces, which total 47.”

Although the gallery walls had to be moved to accommodate all of the works, Trousdale said that it was worth the required effort.

“The contributors to the show are all either art instructors, visual communications staff, or lab assistants,” she said. “Not everyone eligible to contribute did so, but this show is twice as large as the last one in 2013.”

The Chemeketa staff art shows are a bi-annual event.

Gallery assistant Susan Powers said the show featured a wide range of media and approaches to art.

From Julian Harekema’s necklace, made from antique beads and coins, to Selena Jones’ six-foot “Pull Horse,” the size and range of the contributions speaks well to the skill level of the contributors.

Also on display: Trousdale’s “Framing the Question” and “Squirrel Tail Project,” along with Powers’ print, “Sandfly Bay, N Z.”

This show runs through March 13. It is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call 503-399-2533 for questions or additional information.

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