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Chemeketa’s other writers

By Willadean Wright

A number of Chemeketa instructors have published books through the years.

Among them:

  • William D. Burt, Salem campus: The King of Trees and six other books in his series of fantasy novels, available from Amazon.
  • William Florence, Salem campus: The Killing Trail and four other Western novels based on the same character, and Raptor’s Ridge and three sequels in a series of mystery novels also based on the same character, available from Dally Press and Amazon.
  • C.C. Risenhoover, a former journalism instructor, who has written The Suicide Lawyers, White Heat, Murder at the Final Four, and a number of other novels, available from Amazon.
  • Justus Ballard, Salem campus, is the author of The Cubist Infant (Amazon) and Gertrude.

Other Chemeketa instructors have written textbooks for their classes. Among them:

  • Ed Lazarra: A Spanish textbook
  • Laura Lawn: A photography textbook
  • Cliff Munson, Courtroom Testifying for Emergency Responders (Barnes and Noble)
  • Justus Ballard, who has written a textbook for his class on motion pictures.

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