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Clemetsen hired for VP of Student Affairs

Chemeketa Vice President of Student Affairs Bruce Clemetsen

After a nearly year-long search process, Chemeketa has chosen a Vice President of Student Affairs. 

Dr. Bruce Clemetsen will assume the role of Vice President of Student Affairs starting Jan. 4, 2021. The announcement was made today, Nov. 20. 

The duties of a Vice President of Student Affairs were previously assigned to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, but now will be handled by Clemetsen in this newly created position. 

Duties of the position include overseeing Student Life, financial aid, student support programs, advising and counseling, and several other areas of the college that play a direct role in the lives of students. 

During the recent Zoom Q&A student forum, Clemetsen said that helping students realize their potential is the guiding principle of his work. 

“My purpose to this day and why I’ve stayed with it for 36 years – I had a transformational experience in my education,” he said. “I found my purpose – I want to make sure all students find that they have capacities through education that they didn’t know they had and become the leaders of tomorrow and change their communities and their families and achieve their goals. 

“My purpose is to continue to work to help colleges and universities to that end serving students and [ensuring that] students have the best experience and the most transformational experience of their lives.” 

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