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Club Corner: Triangle Club

Photo of Riss Danel, President of Triangle Club

Photo: Riss Danel, President of Chemeketa’s Triangle Club. Photo by Dylan Umsted.

Chemeketa’s Triangle Club aims to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and give a voice to those without one.

Riss Danel, the Triangle Club’s president, said that the club’s mission is to be an asset and a safe place for both the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. “It’s to hopefully help [them to] learn something about themselves and their community,” Danel said. “The club aims to give answers and to be a resource.

“The club offers answers, and is open to allies, and those who want to learn more about what the LGBTQ community stands for. It’s OK to have questions, and to explore yourself and your life.”

The Triangle Club recently helped organize Chemeketa’s Halloween dance on Oct. 31. The club is also working to organize an upcoming clothing drive, with an emphasis on all ages, to help provide for those without warm clothes for the winter.