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Courier special “The Baron’s Curse” premieres Friday

On Friday, April 19, The Courier will premiere The Baron’s Curse, a docuseries which follows a short Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

“[Editing the series] was definitely a challenge,” the series’ editor, Montana Langford, said. “I’ve never tried anything like this before, where I take somebody else’s work and then try to edit it further so it fits into one cohesive narrative.”

“One of my favorite parts was finding the key moments to put into each segment’s preview of what happened in the last segment, sort of like, y’know, ‘last week, we showed you this, here’s what you need to remember.’ And that was a lot of fun finding those key moments and then putting them in the beginning of each segment.”

“I learned a lot and I hope to use these newfound skills in future projects,” Langford said. Langford is a Chemeketa sophomore and The Courier’s Multimedia Editor. He plans to transfer to Portland State University to study film.

The Baron’s Curse premieres Friday on The Courier’s YouTube channel. Max Romprey, the player in the gray button-down shirt at the center of the video thumbnail, was Features Editor at The Courier when the series was shot. Footage was captured by Jenaro Ramirez, then The Courier’s Multimedia Editor.

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