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Demonstrators gather at Capitol to protest stay-home order

On Friday afternoon, hundreds of individuals, most staying in their cars, united in protest of Governor Kate Brown’s stay-home order. Individuals came from as far as Grants Pass to join the rally, which created traffic congestion downtown.

“These shutdowns by the governors are illegal and unconstitutional. The First Amendment includes freedom of assembly,” Diane Gruber, a retired attorney, said. “Governor Brown in Oregon is one of the most draconian governors because we don’t have a problem here. We have 62 deaths. 26 out of the 36 counties have no deaths, and we only have a handful of people who have tested positive for coronavirus.”

When asked if she thought that Oregon’s stay-home order has been responsible for the state’s relatively lower pandemic figures, Gruber said, “We’re lucky, in part, because we don’t have any direct flights to China.”

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