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Drive Less Connect: Ride Sharing

Drive Less Connect is Oregon’s ride sharing network. Chemeketa participates as an employer member. Benefits to our employees and students include ride matching services and two emergency rides home each year for those who take mass transit, carpool, vanpool, walk, skate, bicycle or telecommute to school or work. To promote the network, Drive Less Connect is running the Oregon Drive Less Challenge beginning Monday, October 6th, complete with great prizes.

Join Oregonians across the state to eliminate one million vehicle miles trav- eled in 14 days. You can win great prizes too, such as a $2,600 credit toward any Bike Friday custom-built folding bike or one of two $500 mini-vacations of your choice. To participate in the challenge, go to lenge and log any trips you make by foot, bike, carpool, transit, and telework between October 6 and October 19.

Enrolling in Emergency Ride Home

To enroll in Drive Less Connect, go to Drive Less Connect.Com. Click register now. After filling out your profile information, you will be automatically added to Chemeketa’s employer network if you use a email ad- dress to enroll. You then also need to choose go to commute services to enroll in Emergency Ride Home prior to having an emergency. Print out the vouchers at the time of the emergency. We›ll be enrolling people in the Emergency Ride Home program at the free speech tables Tuesday October 14th and and Monday October 20th from 10-3PM. Cherriots will also be here on October 30th to enroll students at the clubs fair.

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