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Eye of the Storm: Aurora Easbey



Major: Transfer student

Years at Chemeketa: Second year

Favorite study spot: “On campus, I like to study by the Tutoring Center. I typically don’t study on campus because I get really distracted, but I love to study at the Broadway Coffeehouse.”

Hobbies: “I enjoy reading, especially, book on theology and classic literature. And I’m really into tattoos. I’m currently planning my half sleeve.”

Last show binge-watched on Netflix: Dexter.

“While enrolled at Chemeketa, I would recommend…”: “Getting involved in some way. Whether it’s helping out at the blood drive, attending Pizza & Politics, or getting involved in a club like Campus Ambassadors, getting involved on campus has made this community college feel like community.”

Favorite childhood memory: “My favorite childhood memory was backpacking with my dad. I felt special that it was just me and him (I have two sisters), and I had the honor of carrying things in my pack. The trips were simple.”

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