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First weeks of spring term will be online for all Chemeketa classes

Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou

All classes at Chemeketa will be online for at least the first two weeks of spring term, according to an anonymous faculty member from the college. 

“There will be no face-to-face classes for the first two weeks, they will all be online,” they said. 

In an all-faculty email sent out on March 13, the same day as an all-student email lacking those specific details was distributed, Jim Eustrom, Vice President of instruction and Student Services, informed faculty members of this decision. At the time of publication, classes will not resume a face-to-face format until at least April 20. 

The college is attempting to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

At the time of publication, the college’s website included no notification or information regarding the cancellation of all face-to-face instruction for the first two weeks of the term and no all-student email had been sent regarding the switch or specific dates.  

The college currently intends to be open the week before the newly scheduled spring term begins, March 30 through April 4. “This workweek will allow the college to continue reconfiguring in- and out-of-class modalities, practices and environments,” said President Jessica Howard in an all-staff email. 

Students were informed in an all-student email on March 13 that spring term would begin a week late, making the first day of the term April 6.

Spring term, despite the delay, will not end late. Instead, it will be a 10-week term. 

Students were also informed on March 17 that the college would be closed for the week of spring break, March 23–27, in order to deep clean the college.

The information contained in the all-student, all-staff and all-faculty emails has varied and has come from different members of the administration. 

“I was upset they didn’t give us more concise, clear information…it was very vague,” said the anonymous source. They said they were surprised that the specific information that had been given to faculty had not been given to students at the same time.

According to an email to a Courier reporter, president of the Chemeketa Faculty Association, Justus Ballard, said, “The state’s recommendations about everything change on a daily and occasionally hourly basis. Since the current line from the federal government is that we’re probably looking at several more months of trying to contain the spread of COVID-19, and since other states are closing schools for the rest of the academic year, we might be looking at going online-only in spring term.”

Students were encouraged by Howard to connect with their advisers regarding spring term.

For updated information, continue to check the Courier website and social media pages, as well Chemeketa’s website at

[Editor’s note: the faculty adviser for the Courier was not the anonymous source for this story.]

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