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For 445 years of service, Chemeketa honors retirees

On Monday, May 7, Chemeketa President Julie Huckestein and other college administrators praised the hard work and accomplishments of retiring Chemeketa employees. They also shared remarks prepared by retirees’ colleagues. The employees honored during this event are retiring after a combined 445 years of service to the college.

Retirees present at the gathering pose for a photo. Photo by Dylan Umsted.

Retirees include (by duration of employment, then surname):

  • Sherie Ball (38y 2m) Department Technician, Applied Technologies
  • Guinne Muir (36y 8m) Department Technician, Tutoring Center, Library and Learning Resources
  • Steve Agee (36y 4m) Instructor, Automotive Technology
  • Linda Crosby (35y 9m) Department Technician, Library and Learning Resources
  • Robin Bischof (28y 3m) Department Coordinator, Academic Development
  • Linda Herrera (25y 11m) Diversity and Equity Officer
  • Cynthia Olsen (25y 3m) Instructional Technician, Academic Development
  • Christine Linder (25y) Instructor, Visual Communications
  • Tom Rodgers (25y) Instructional Specialist, Applied Technologies
  • Reggi Lombardi (24y 3m) Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Facilities and Operations
  • Andrew Bone (23y 5m) VP, Governance and Administration
  • Sally Jasper (20y) Instructor, Nursing
  • Terri Landau (19y 6m) Financial Services Technician, Business Services
  • Robin Giley (18y) Instructor, Reading and Study Skills, High School Partnerships
  • Joyce Park (16y) Instructor, Nursing
  • Anne Etzel (15y 9m) Department Technician, Business Technology, Early Childhood Education, and Visual Communications
  • Michele Paulson (14y) Department Assistant, Business Services
  • Forrest Peck (10y 1m) Student Services Coordinator, Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry
  • Deborah Sipe (4y 9m) Dean, Teaching and Learning Department
  • Sheila McCartney (3y) Instructional Coordinator, Mid-Willamette Education Consortium

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