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Got Crime Feb 19

Crime Log

No crimes were reported to Public Safety during the week of Feb. 3.

Public Safety offers Whistle for Life program

By Brock Gordon
The college’s Public Safety office is offering a free safety whistle for anyone who would like one.
The program was started in October 2013 during the fall term’s Public Safety Fair.
Christan Cooper, a Chemeketa dispatcher for the past four years, said, “These whistles are for everyone: staff, students, and anybody inbetween. Our goal is make everyone on campus feel safe.”
The whistles are the same as the ones that are used and verified by search and rescue squads, the Coast Guard, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The whistles register at 112 decibels, which is about as loud as a thunderclap above your head.
“These whistles come in different assorted colors. We have blue, orange, green, purple, and so on,” Cooper said.
The whistles are free and will be available while supplies last.
“We want people to feel safe here at Chemeketa. I’ve heard these whistles, and I know they work,” Cooper said.

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