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How to be successful in college

By Mike Boni

Success can be elusive for students who aren’t focused on goals and what they wish to accomplish.

We asked Chemeketa students and staff to share their thoughts and tips on how to maximize the chances for success. Here are their responses:

“Stay focused, stay on top of things and study for many, many hours.”

–Angela Kluting, Dental Hygienist student

“My first term here, I took FYE 105. It is a class for motivation and note-taking, studying, and time management. It also emphasized priorities and goal-setting.”

– Cassie Donaldson, Art and Interior Design student

“Take it seriously. Be passionate about what you do, and have a goal. Strive to set a goal. For me, it’s to provide for my daughter. In college, networking is about building relationships. It is not what you know; it is who you know.”

– Timothy McDonald, transfer student

“Remember: All of us have a different reason to be here. Let the goal motivate you. Make use of your professor as a resource to get help. Use office hours for one-on-one time. Many students do not do this. Stay after class if you have questions.”

– Elizabeth Backer, English instructor

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