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Huun Huur Tu throat-sing for Chemeketa

The new academic year ushered in a new start for Chemeketa’s Acclaimed Artist concert series. The first concert was on Sept. 30 and featured the group Huun Huur Tu.

Huun Huur Tu is a group from the border of Russia and Mongolia. They perform with traditional and Western instruments to complement their staple throat singing.

“I wanted to get these guys ‘cause they’re great,” said Kerry Burtis, Chemeketa’s director of music.  “It was a great success. We had more people at this concert than we had at our first three concerts last year combined.”

The Acclaimed Artist series brings musicians to Chemeketa from all over the world. This provides a chance for the local community to experience a culture that otherwise may never have been seen or heard in Salem. 

“The purpose of the series is to bring world-class musicians here to the campus for our students,” said Burtis. “And for the community to be exposed to [it] and to share that experience.”

The next concert in the Acclaimed Artist series will be on Oct. 30, featuring the group Voces8 from the United Kingdom.

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