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Jarred Venti: Local bass player

Jared Venti on bass. Photo by Alice Limer

Late Feb. 14, 2019, Venti’s Cafe and Taphouse was host to Jewelia Owens and the band Sleep Millennium, who opened the Covers for Lovers.

After the first song, the whole band joined, including the man on bass, with a full beard, a blue button-down shirt and holding close his Fender P-Bass with a sunburst finish. That man is 31-year-old Jarred Venti. Venti is now locally renowned after years of musical development.

“I kind of started against my will at the age of seven,” Venti said. “I played piano for five years, and [was asked] whether or not to continue and [I] decided not to, then I picked up the bass a couple of years later.”

“When I was in high school I might have done some public performances. Outside of that, my first gig was with a band when I was 20 years old, and that was in 2007,” Venti said. Now, he mostly performs with his band Sleep Millennium. He stated, “It’s an all-original project that incorporates projected visuals into the music.”

Venti has performed numerous shows. He said, “A couple of years ago I got to play the Netherlands with a bunch of local Dutch musicians. I got to play a big show up there. It was fun playing music with people from another part of the world, but just going through the words of music with just my friends. I’d say that’s my favorite experience.”

Jewelia Owens knew of the Venti family, but met Jarred during a jam session years previous.

“I think I saw him at the West Side Station one night about five and a half years ago, and he was jamming. I had went there at one point and he was the bass player at the jam sessions, and when I got up there with somebody’s guitar.” Owens stated, “We had got to jam together for the first time not even knowing who we were. I think that was the first time.”

When asked about his influences, Venti said, “Definitely the Beatles. From a songwriting and bass perspective, Paul McCartney. And one of my early influences was Led Zeppelin.”

Venti is a bass guitar instructor at River City Rockstar Academy, has been part of several bands and an employee at the Taphouse named after his family and owned by his aunt.

“I like that he is professional and he listens, so the practices we have had together…have a lot of similar ideas,” Owens said. “He can play in any style. He is very talented all around. The fact he is a nice guy helps out too.”

“I have played music for so long, I knew I wanted to do all of the love songs that I love so much somewhere in public for everybody to hear, so when [I] got a set together I think I saw him at either one of his shows or one of mine,” Owens explained. “I saw him and said, ‘hey Jarred…would you maybe wanna play bass with on some of these songs?’ He said, ‘hell yeah!’ and it just went from there. But then we found Derek, and Mike comes with me, so it just kind of came together that way.”

Jarred Venti and his band Sleep Millennium are opening for Blac Rabbit at Paris Theatre, 6 SW. Third Ave. in Portland, Ore. on Saturday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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