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Lanning has earned almost $40,000 since being placed on paid administrative leave

By Tavis Evans

In the days that Patrick Lanning has been on paid administrative leave from his position of Chemeketa’s vice president, he has collected approximately $39,738 in taxpayer and student dollars.

As of May 7, he has been on paid administrative leave for 86 days.

According to Andrew Bone, Chemeketa’s executive dean, Lanning has continued to receive his monthly salary of $12,796.75, as well as insurance benefits of approximately $1,258, while he has been on leave.

Bone also said that the cost of the investigation was unknown because it was still ongoing. He said, however, that the total costs would include investigator, attorney, and staff time.

In the weeks since Lanning was placed on administrative leave, staff, students, and taxpayers have learned that a colleague had accused him of unwelcome sexually contact at a college-related conference in Portland.

Bone said, “It is essential that investigations into these kinds of allegations be accurate and thorough, and that often takes time.”

A tort claim was filed with the college, and police are investigating.

A tort claim is a notice of intent to sue.

Most information about the investigation has been confidential; the college has cited past practices of not discussing personnel issues.

Efforts to contact Lanning for comment have been unsuccessful. These efforts have included visits and phone calls to his office and nine emails.

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