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Longboarders can be seen shredding Chemeketa

1 Kyle ByCandaceHill-May 20, 2013By Candance Hill

As more sunny days approach Chemeketa, longboarders emerge from their wintery slumber.

A longboarder from Chemeketa’s Dallas campus, Kyle Schmidt, has been waiting for months for the opportunity to start cruising down hills and attempting rad flip tricks.

Schmidt began longboarding in eighth grade. “I figured out that I was no good at skateboarding and everyone biked,” he said.

Longboarding originated from skateboarding, which constitutes a different style of transportation.

Although they come from the same background, longboarders and skateboarders differ from one other on several different levels. Traditionally, longboarding is used more as a mode of transportation than its skateboard counterpart.

According to Schmidt, longboards originally were used to cruise from point A to point B. People can expect to see more tricks from skateboarding.

Still, tricks are not impossible on a longboard.

The boards themselves are different: longboards are typically longer than skateboards.

Potential hazards exist, of course. Officer Robert Denherder of the college’s Public Safety Department says, “Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. We don’t allow bicycles, scooters, skateboarders, or longboarders on the sidewalks.”

Unlike downtown Salem, signs prohibiting these activities are not readily apparent on the Chemeketa campus. Students are left to use their common sense when sharing the sidewalk.

Denherder warns that boarders are responsible for any damages done to property and people. The most common issues come from grinding on benches and rails.

Boarders also are cautioned to stay clear of the sidewalks and stick to the parking lots. If caught on the sidewalks, reports can be filed and sent to the dean of students.

Schmidt said, “Come this summer, when gas prices rise, I will be longboarding more places than you can in the winter.”

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