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Many stars shine at Chemeketa Idol competition

Armilla Lamoray and Dillon Bien perform Lemonade during the Chemeketa Idol competition.

Armilla Lamoray and Dillon Bien perform Lemonade during the Chemeketa Idol competition.

By Brock Gordon

The performers of Chemeketa came out in droves to support the first annual Chemeketa Idol competition on May 22.

The Associated Students of Chemeketa produced the singing contest, dubbed Chemeketa Idol. The contest was the pet project of Tessa Gould and Amanda Ringo.

“This started from just an idea I had,” Gould said. “Amanda and I love singing, and we wanted to produce something that would be fun and we could help others with.”

Chemeketa Idol is designed as a charity drive as well as a contest. The audience pays $1 and votes for the performers they liked best.

These votes, along with the votes of judges, produced two winners who then picked a charity that would benefit from the proceeds.

The first-place winners were Armilla Lamoray and Dillon Bien. They performed a ukulele-assisted cover of Jeremy Passion’s Lemonade.

The fan favorite performers, with 41 votes, were Noe Ponce and Juliana Statil. They performed an original song, I Feel Alive.

“I wrote the lyrics, and Noe handled the melody,” Statil said. “We both love singing, and it was a thrill to preform our own song.”

These two duos were not the only victors, however.

The final performer was Cheyanne Adams, who sang Where Have You Been by Kathy Mattea.

“The hardest things to do when preforming is going last,” she said.

As Adams began to perform, she was overcome with emotion and had to stop. She tried to start up again but became too choked up to speak and soon ran off stage.

“The song reminded me so much of my great grandma,” she later said, “She had Alzheimer’s, and nearing the end of her life, she would ask where her husband was, even though he had long since died.”

As Gould tried to start the judging process, Adams returned with two friends in tow.

Kaitlyn Pierson and fellow contestant Crystal Thao walked with Adams to the stage to help her preform the rest of her song.

“I didn’t know her before this,” Thao said. “I just wanted her to be able to sing, too.”

Pierson, who was a friend of Adams’ before the incident, stood at her back during the entire song.

“She is a friend; of course I went up there to help her,” she said. “ It is like a primal need to help out a friend in need.”

As the end of her song approached, the entire audience erupted into cheers and applause.

“I had to go back up there,” Adams said.” I made a promise to a friend, and I knew that running off and staying off wasn’t fulfilling that promise.”

Chemeketa Idol raised $214 dollars for the as-yet unselected charities of the first-place winners.

“I think this year was a great success,” Gould said. “Next year I hope we can do it again.”

And will we see Adams perform again next year?

“I would love to,” she said.

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