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Photo and Spotlight by Kayla Rigsby

Photo and Spotlight by Kayla Rigsby

Ariel Careaga

Student Retention and College Life Assistant

What is the best part of working with Student Retention and College Life?

The support that you have and accountability you have toward academic success.

How can students become more involved in student life?

Check into the social media Chemeketa has and look at postings for events around the school, sich as movie nights or guest speakers brought in from different departments. The Multicultural Center also offers many events.

So, zombies or unicorns: What mythical creature would win?

I guess whoever was pure in the theoretical question. Can there be an evil unicorn and a pure zombie? Whoever was dedicated to their cause. If there was a lazy unicorn and a pure, dedicated zombie, then the zombie would win.

If you could live in any time period, when would it be?

I would choose right now, this moment, which is the only moment that I have possibilities at changing any reality. Time travel, however: I would time travel to the Big Bang to study and bring back information that is not just speculative or theories. And/or I would travel to the moment of potentially the next stage of destruction or evolution of the human species as we know it. That would be an interesting point to observe, but I enjoy being present with my human sisters and brothers on planet Earth in this moment.

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