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Photo and Spotlight by Kayla Rigsby

Janeth Valadez

Disabilities Representative

What does your position do?

The Disabilities Representative for Associated Students of Chemeketa gives voice for students who have disabilities and helps with any accommodations or changes that are needed.

What is the best part of working as a student leader?

The best part about ASC is its family oriented environment. It’s a good experience because I can develop friendships and experience as a leader.

You’ve started a club as the Disabilities Representative recently. What is it about, and where does it meet?

We have started a club called Differently Abled and Allies. We meet from 1 to p.m. every Friday in Bldg. 2-232. Basically what we do in the club is talk about different challenges we face and solutions to make us more successful.

How can students get more involved in student life?

I think the way students get more involved is to take a look around campus. Flyers are posted about events, and students are always welcome to come into the ASC room, Bldg. 2-178, for more information about joining clubs and opportunities at Chemeketa.

If you could live in any time period, where would you live? Why?

The ‘50s and ‘60s – because of the cars; 1950s and ‘60s cars – I love it, man. Take me to a car show and I’ll be there for hours.

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